Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Fever!

i loved reading the write ups everyone wrote about thier pieces :) and alot of people came out to the event last night, more than was expected ! So proud of you Natalie for getting into Humber for photography & also Lance & Sam into OCAD! Its a great time in your youth to begin exploring your artistic self while getting your education because it keeps your creativity flowing and your knowledge expanding. And in the end you come out with so much. CONGRATULATIONS & keep it up ya'll. People love what you all are doing. For those who couldn't make it out. So many people have said they love all the pieces And have inquired about prints so we have a print order form out now :) Congrats also to Rawn & Sam for selling thier originals :) I'm so so proud of you guys :) & of course of Liz & Amanda for getting this all together & John and Miles and Amanda again for taking these photos for everyone. Well not everyone Natalie took hers herself & is going to Humber YaY!!


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