Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Express U Success

This morning I arrived at work to see APTN parked outside and entered the main foyer to see people gathered around in suits drinking coffee over various conversations about the beautiful lodge in the building and all the beautiful art work that 7th Generation Image Makers had created.
The photographed images will continue to be showcased in the foyer at Native Child and Family Services until this Monday April 19th and have already been invited to exhibit at City Hally from June 14th to the 25th.

The show is entitled the ExpressU and the first showing was at the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto for Macaw Hawks Youth Social on March 27th 2010.

This is all so exciting considering the photoshoot was in the beginning of March and we were all working in Photoshop on our images in mid March. Which is why we just only had time to update you now in our blog.

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