Friday, April 23, 2010

HST Rally

We were fortunate enough to take the time to create some signs and spend a full afternoon supporting the HST Rally at Queens Park yesterday with the hopes of amendment. Before we went we were putting some thought into what we should say on our placards. I looked at Sam's painting on wood of Sitting Bull which also has some strong quotes of his on it. Inspired by her painting I took the picture she painted of Sitting Bull and traced it and put on bristol board with the word Change? and the quotes:

"I wish to be remembered that I was the last man of my tribe to surrender my rifle, our rights... Only seven years ago we make a treaty by which we were assured the Buffalo Country should be left to us forever now they threaten to take our tribal land?" - Sitting Bull

And Liz made a placard that said: "Someone call the UN First Nations treaties disrespected again." "Sorry's just a word turn it into action, from one nation to another uphold the treaties"

Good thing we took to the streets because there was not much media attention. I mean there was a helicopter flying over head and I seen cameras there, but when it came to the news coverage it was barely noticed.

This morning when I dropped my son off at daycare one the E.C.E. students asked "What's happening with the HST and the native people? I was walking home from work and seen the protest. Are they taking those rights away? I wasn't even aware of that, there's been no public mention" I then told him that yes that is where things are at right now, but also that since the foundation of this country treaties were made and broken. I also mentioned that we are not only worried about HST but of more since this country is billions of dollars in debt.

And lets not forget, yesterday was also Earth Day. Most of our protests have to do with protecting the earth and humanity, which sometimes goes unnoticed because of attention to a broken treaty.

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