Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Youth Advisory Meeting was great!

Thank you to everyone who attended the 7th Gen Youth Advisory Meeting this past Monday!  It was great to see people come out and share ideas about how to make the program better, and what we can all do right now.

Below is a copy of the information provided at the meeting.  Be sure to check out the Paid Opportunities at the bottom.

I will upload minutes from the event once I get them transcribed in the next couple days.  Stay tuned for our letter to all 7th Gen alumni as well!

Information from Youth Advisory Meeting on January 31st, 2011:


TRILLIUM is the focus at this moment, we will find out at the end of Feb what the jury decides (the two people in charge of assessing our application were very impressed and excited at the recent site visit, and will be strongly encouraging the board to vote yes)

Applications for our summer projects are on the way as well (OAC’s Visual and Media project grant was applied for in December; TAC art projects will be applied to for salaries; Miziwe Biik; OAC for a showcase of 7th Gen films and mural prints in November (aside from a minor showcase in late September specifically for the 2011 projects). Artists brought in each week of the program for both mural and video training.

Aboriginal Arts Education Project Grants: Regalia; art being taught to the community or in schools – NEED INPUT

Volunteer Opportunities:

Updating Blog

Facebook announcements

Cleaning / Organizing

Cooking for events

Updating our promo materials


Creating work for sales / fundraising auctions

Write or record a testimonial (your experience with 7th Gen)

Teaching a workshop

Photographing workshops and artwork made at 7th Gen for support material

Silkscreening 7th Gen T-shirts for incentive packages

Art experiments for future projects (ie paintball project; painted leather; etc)

Upcoming Events:

Work with the AEC at Dufferin stn. for the upcoming mural – volunteer to work with the students in the planning phase of the mural

Artwork needed – CAMH – honorarium provided -see below.
Wednesday Media Nights with Amanda Strong and Keesic Douglas – working toward another EXPRESSU project (lower budget; printing onto photo paper instead of canvas for now)

7th Gen summer projects fundraiser (May-June) - donate artworks for sale to benefit our summer projects

We are still waiting on a website and will be making business cards soon. Blog is still up; new Facebook group is now online: “7th Generation Image Makers (events)”

And our old one is still up: “7 th Generation Image makers” with the logo. I will be trying to get everyone from there onto the new FB events group.

Hours and Schedule:

Currently Mondays and Wednesdays 10-6

Suggest we change it to…


12 to 3:15 @ 1 Wood St.
4 – 8 Open hours (Monday culture night)


11 – 5:30 Open hours
6 – 8 Media night workshops with Amanda and Keesic

Paid Opportunities:

Name the November showcase – hoping for it to be a retrospective show of 7th Gen work. Best name suggested (and explained) will receive a $15 gift card for Tim Horton’s

Artwork needed – CAMH booklet– honorarium provided (amount depends on size of work) due @ 7th Gen Feb 11th, 2011 - call for more details

Mural Compositions for this year’s mural project. We need ideas and sketches before the project begins in order to secure a second mural. We will be able to compensate the artist for the sketches either through our funds raised to date, or through the Trillium funding. Please talk to Liz about your ideas and how to develop them.

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