Friday, June 11, 2010

7th Gen Youth Advisory Meeting

Hi all, this is just a heads up that we are hoping to hold a big ole 7th Gen Youth Advisory Meeting on Tuesday June 22nd. We need some more direction as we are going forward in order to:

Work out 7th Gen’s mission statement and mandate
Determine 7th Generation programming during the summer
Find out what you guys want to see
Work with connections you all have in the community
Discuss the upcoming Trillium Grant (and what space you guys want to have the program in!)
SUPPER and tokens provided! Let us know if you have any dietary restrictions J And please let us know if you are coming, bringing friends, etc… I will be making a Facebook in the near future
We will be meeting at 30 College St. from about 5-7PM – come to the 7th Gen office for 5 please, as the building closes its doors at that time!
Chii miigwech, hope to see you all out there!

Liz George
7th Generation Image Makers
416-969-8510 Ext. 3507

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